Crna Ovca?

Crna Ovca emerged out of love towards good food. No one remembers when it all started. Sometime in 2012. we sat on the street in a town in Italy, and while eating ice-cream we thought how making it was the job that you can enjoy. After three years of research, studying, analysis and too much ice-cream eaten, we started to make our own at 58 Kralja Petra Street. In the beginning, we felt as black sheep, and we haven't lost that feeling till this day; nor we will, as long as we work with our employees towards improving our ice-cream production while expanding the idea of creating a pleasant atmosphere, cooperation, friendship and healthy work environment. Meanwhile, we have convinced ourselves to enjoy the ride.

We don't know what else to say? Surely, there are other interesting things to be mentioned, we will let you know once we remember.

And for the end, do not expect to see our photos until the diet gives some results other than spiritual torment.

Ice-cream is


In addition to being a wonderful treat, we believe that ice cream is a product that arouses the feeling of pure joy and satisfaction, and these are the values we wish to share with people in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Serbia.

From the very beginning we wanted to make the ice cream that was different, creamier, with a more intensive flavor, that melts more slowly, that is less cold and not as sweet so it doesn't have to be only a summer refreshment but a desert you can eat all year round.

It is our wish to produce not only a flavor, but to convey the emotion our customers can permanently relate to and bring the kind of joy that makes people happy while also making this world a better place.

There are no secrets

It's all about flavors

The very first day we had 16 flavors. In the next 47 days of work we made 48. Meanwhile, that number increased to 150, and then we stopped counting. When coming up with new flavors we are trying not to make compromises and be bound by limitations, so it often happens that our experiment fails. Then we give it another try.

We at Crnaovca make ice cream from scratch. It means that instead of using ready-made bases, mixtures, aromas and artificial flavors we rather allow our ingredients to release and blend their flavors and aromas during the long preparation process. We make ice cream every day in the amounts that satisfy the daily needs while giving our best that only fresh and good produce finds its way to our customers.

Ice cream made like this requires special storage and serving processes. That's why it is served from closed display cases – pozzetti – that preserve the ice cream flavor and texture until it reaches the customer. We know these display cases aren't appealing because ice cream can't be seen before it's bought, but we offer you a compromise – you can taste each one of our ice cream flavors. That's how product quality is retained while the customer can rely on their taste buds to decide for them.
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